Vertical Roots | Revolutionizing Hydroponic Farming in the Southeast

Revolutionizing the way communities grow, distribute, and consume food.

Vertical Roots is the largest hydroponic container farm in the U.S..Vertical Roots produces leafy greens year round with produce available in multiple industries: restaurants, corporations, education, and over 1,600+ grocery stores in 12 states across the U.S.

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From Seed to Salad

Available throughout the year because, the difference in our locally grown and harvested produce is in our dedication to transparency and quality. Each head of lettuce can be traced back to the seed and is harvested and delivered within days–not weeks.

closing the farm-to-table gap


The average head of lettuce travels over 2,000 miles to get to your table

We’re closing the farm-to-table gap

Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

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