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Inside view of a AmplifiedAg shipping container farm growing Vertical Roots green butter

People + Planet

As an AmplifiedAg company, we have aligned our sustainability goals with international frameworks including the UN Sustainable Development Goals to grow safe food, provide for people, and to help the planet.

Our Commitment To Reduce Food Waste

Food producers represent 21% of food loss and waste in landfills, which emits methane gas that is 25x more harmful than carbon dioxide. Vertical Roots and AmplifiedAg have committed to reduce our company food loss and waste 50% by 2030. At each Vertical Roots farm we are achieving this goal through (1) maximizing harvest utilization (2) donating safe food to local charities, and food byproduct to local animal farms (3) composting with community partners (4) educating our consumers on food loss and waste.

Recycling and Reducing Water

Did you know there are 6 million decommissioned shipping containers on the planet at any given time? AmplifiedAg takes shipping containers that would otherwise be trash and up-cycles them into state-of-the-art hydroponic vertical farms.

Compared to traditional farming we use up to 95% less water inside our farms. But with escalating environmental challenges and weather events causing water to become more and more precious — we are innovating with new ways to filter and reuse our water consumption.

Improving Energy & Emission

We understand our farms consume a lot of energy and we are analyzing our impact daily so we can improve. We are currently testing solar energy and designing custom hardware at our Charleston, SC farm site and continue to look for ways to reduce fossil fuel based energy. 


Amplifying Careers & Equalizing Opportunities

AmplifiedAg and Vertical Roots are committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive culture and work environment across all roles, levels, and locations. As a growing company that thrives on innovation and collaboration, we believe that our strength comes from the diversity of expertise, perspectives, and experiences, and we are wholly committed to the principles and practices of equity and inclusion for all team members.

Our Packaging Journey

At Vertical Roots, we are focused not only on recycling materials, but also on responsible sourcing and innovation. 75% of our suppliers are regional partners, and we work with them to continuously reduce virgin materials in our packaging to protect the planet’s resources for future generations.

Why We Don’t Use “Biodegradable & Compostable” Plastics

We get this question a lot. We’ve done thorough research and consideration. These types of plastics require commercial facilities to properly break down, and because many recycling facilities don’t have this capability these plastics often end up in the landfill taking years to degrade.

Where We Are: Reduction & Recycling

Our focus is on reducing the amount of virgin plastic in our packaging, and using materials with the highest potential of being recycled. We’re proud to say our clamshells are made from 100% post-consumer recycled #1 plastic (rPET), which is the most accepted plastic at recycling facilities in the U.S.

Our Future Outlook on Packaging

We continue to expand our recycling and composting programs for all materials, and also research alternative packaging options and seek partners that can help us – and the produce industry at large – reduce the use of plastics.