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About Vertical Roots

An AmplifiedAg, Inc. company, Vertical Roots is the country’s largest hydroponic indoor container farm, revolutionizing the way communities grow, distribute and consume food.

With Vertical Roots, the average head of lettuce travels < 500 miles

Less travel = Less emissions + fresher lettuce. Fresher lettuce means longer shelf-life. Longer Shelf-Life means less food waste.

Farming With the Planet In Mind

Vertical Roots is a leading vertically grown produce brand in the United States

We’re determined to evolve the indoor farming category to provide more access to fresh food in communities across the country.

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Our Mission

To grow the indoor agriculture category through innovation, experience, and partnership, Leading by example.

Our Vision

To be the indoor agriculture leader that empowers a scalable, resilient, and sustainable food supply, providing global populations with access to clean, fresh, and healthy food.

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