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About Our Products

Available throughout the year, the difference in our locally grown and harvested products is in our dedication to transparency and quality. Each head of lettuce can be traced back to the seed.

Green Oak Leaf Living Lettuce

Our tender Green Oak with a sweet buttery taste

Red Oak Leaf Living Lettuce

Our tender Red Oak with a sweet buttery taste

Red Butter Living Lettuce

Our colorful Red Butter with a juicy sweet taste

Bibb Living Lettuce

Our robust and juicy Rex Bibb with a mild sweet taste

Lowcountry Blend

Our house spring mix of tender and sweet lettuces

Baby Romaine

Crisp mix of baby red & green Little Gems


Our freshly cut tender and peppery greens

Research & Development

We never want to stop learning and growing (literally and figuratively) so at any given time, we have a variety of test products in our panels. Here you’ll see some Starhawk, Pomegranate Crunch, and Flashy Trout Back to name a few. Is there something in particular you’d love to see us grow? Let us know! 

Meet Farmer Makena

Makenna joined the family in August 2018. She loves working with amazing people, beautiful plants and contemporary technology.

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