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Farming with Purpose. Harvesting with Care.

With our advanced technology, hydroponic container farms and sustainability goals, we are transforming the produce industry and closing the gap on mass food distribution to provide communities with fresh, safe, local produce.

Our farm containers use up to 95% less water

Producing 10 million heads of lettuce on less than 5 acres of land

Our greens travel less than 500 miles from farms-to-table

We are committed to diverting food waste from landfills

The Power of Hydroponics

Grow More Food, Use Less Resources

Each Vertical Roots farm container is only 320 square-feet and grows 3,600 plants approximately 15x a year, using zero soil and 95% less water.

Consistent and Reliable, All Year

Our vertical container farms – engineered by AmplifiedAg – are resilient and allow us to grow year-round anywhere in the U.S., regardless of climate, weather, or resources.

Perfect Environment = Quality + Nutrition

AmplifiedAg’s CEA technologies creates optimal growing environments. Our produce receives the exact light, water, and nutrients it needs to grow, resulting in superior quality, flavor and nutrition.

Delivering Fresh Lettuce Fast

Did you know the average head of lettuce travels up to 2,000 miles and up to 3 weeks before it gets to the end consumer? 

Vertical Roots farms are located directly at regional food distribution points. This drastically decreases food transportation miles which lowers emissions and increases the nutritional value and shelf life of our produce!

Our farms are located in: 

Charleston, SC     |     Columbia, SC     |     Atlanta, GA

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Raising The Bar For Local Produce

At Vertical Roots, we can’t get enough leafy green goodness. We’re constantly innovating to grow new varieties of lettuce (and other veggies coming soon) that are wildly flavorful and fresh! Juicy, crisp, tender, and sweet, you’ve never tasted greens this good!

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We Take Food Safety Seriously

Vertical Roots operates the most advanced food-safe farms in the vertical farming industry. Our farms hold the highest global food safety certifications from the USDA and FDA.

With our segmented farm methodology and smart technology, we have ultimate control and can trace the journey of every head of lettuce from seed-to-market.

The AmplifiedAg Advantage

As an AmplifiedAg company, Vertical Roots has a unique edge in the industry. We are farmers, horticulturists, software engineers, and builders, working together to develop, use and perfect vertical farming technologies to create a more sustainable food supply.

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