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Seed Yourself In Modern Agriculture

We are problem solvers seeking to create innovative solutions to global food challenges. Help us grow and protect our planet, and we’ll help protect you.

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Help Us Create A Sustainable Food System

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A Walk Through The Way We Work

Farmers kick off the day with a team meeting to discuss order fulfillments and to plan the day’s tasks. Farmers are assigned to teams for: harvesting, packaging, and seeding.

The harvest team is responsible for getting fresh product to the packaging team or storing product in cold storage for the next day’s packaging needs. Food safety is a top priority during this phase.

Freshly harvested products are moved into a cooler area where our food safe farmers are ready to clean, weigh and package products for order fulfillment and distribution.

After harvesting has been completed, the team quickly moves into cleaning—removing remaining plant matter and exchanging filtered water for the next batch of plants to grow.

Once the growing containers are cleaned, the team takes young plants from propagation areas and replants them in the NFT systems.

Farmers follow a seeding schedule to make sure they are growing the right products to fulfill upcoming orders. Seeding takes place in propagation areas. It takes 14 trays to fill one growing container.

When the day’s tasks are complete and the last batch of cleaning, sanitation and prep for the next day’s work is ready—it’s time to lock-up and head home.

Meet Our Team

Sustainability specialist Kindall

I applied at Vertical Roots because I wanted to work with emerging technologies that can change the way our communities see food. Coming from a conventional agricultural background, I was intrigued by the idea of growing health food better, faster, and more sustainably.

Kindall | 4 years

Farmer to Farm Lead to Sustainability Specialist

Supervisor Ty portrait

I applied at Vertical Roots because I saw an opportunity for growth. I knew I could come in here and grow with the company and it would be a great benefit for my professional growth.

Ty | 2 years

Farmer to Farm Lead to Farm Supervisor to Site Director

Supervisor Beth portrait

As a farmer the most beneficial skill I learned was the physicality. I enjoy working hard. I like to know at the end of the day that I have worked a full day, and am proud of what I’ve accomplished.

Beth | 3 Years

Farmer to Farm Supervisor

Vertical Roots Grower Max

The most beneficial skills I have learned would be gaining a general knowledge of hydroponic farming as well as plant development. Prior to this job I did not have much experience beyond minor greenhouse work. I have had to learn something everyday, as a farmer and a grower to produce the best lettuce possible.

Max | 2 Years

Farmer to Horticulture Grower

Farm Supervisor Makenna

I applied to Vertical Roots as I was drawn to the unique and progressive technologies in the industry. It is a beautiful combination of science, food production, and sustainability, and I wanted to be a part of it! I feel rewarded every day knowing I grow food that is nourishing my community.

Makenna | 5 years

Farmer to Farm Supervisor

HR specialist Sophia

The most challenging part is being able to keep up with how quickly we are growing. But it has given me beneficial leadership and communication skills. The ability to quickly problem solve. My perspective has changed from “having problems” to “presenting solutions”.

Sophia | 4 Years

Farmer to HR & Training Specialist

Join Our Vision & Team

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Amplifying Careers and Equalizing Opportunity

AmplifiedAg, Inc. and Vertical Roots are committed to creating and supporting a diverse and inclusive culture and work environment across all roles, levels, and locations. As a growing company that thrives on innovation and collaboration, we believe that our strength comes from the diversity of expertise, perspectives, and experiences, and we are wholly committed to the principles and practices of equity and inclusion for all team members.

As our company continues to grow and is increasing access to safe food, we are also committed to increasing access to careers in modern agriculture.

From farming to technology to sales and customer service, our mission is to energize the workforce with equal opportunities today and for future generations. We will continue to grow our team with talented, passionate individuals that are eager to participate in our mission. 

Regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, family status, marital status, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, neurodiversity, disability, age, or veteran status, any and all qualified persons will be equally considered in joining the AmplifiedAg team.