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Clean Greens: How Vertical Roots is responding to the global pandemic

At Vertical Roots, growing lettuce that is safe and nutritious is our top concern every day of the year.

According to the CDC, “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.”

Now, with heightened concerns about health and safety amid the global spread of Covid-19, we’d like to share what we’re doing to ensure that our customers, farmers, and neighbors stay healthy. 

  • Our growing process is naturally clean and conducted in controlled, indoor environments
  • Our farm tours are on pause until further notice
  • Our packaging is sealed to prevent against contaminants
  • Our team members are rigorously trained in food safety best practices based on recommendations from the FDA, USDA, and GFSI
  • We are prioritizing the health and safety of our team members and communities

Unlike conventional farms, our hydroponic lettuce is grown in upcycled shipping containers. This means that our team has full control over who and what goes into our farms, 24/7. Only our trained horticulturists and farmers enter our container farms, and even then only after a thorough sanitization process. Given the unique circumstances, we have decided to pause all site tours for the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Today and always, our farmers use gloves any time they may be in contact with a plant, and don specially made sanitary outerwear. All farm equipment is sanitized at both the start and finish of each day, and we have various checkpoints throughout the farms that require our team members to take additional safety measures. 

By the time we’re ready to send our lettuce out into the world, it has been sealed in our packaging to protect it from possible contaminants. And our lettuce isn’t leaving the country or changing multiple hands: We exclusively serve our neighbors in the Southeast and deliver our lettuce to your local store, fast. 

We have the utmost confidence in our strict safety measures and are honored to provide you and yours, greens you can trust.

In the midst of this challenging time for the global community, we’re committed to helping you find peace of mind in the produce aisle.

Stay safe and be well.