Vertical Roots was founded in the Lowcountry, by Lowcountry locals, for our Lowcountry neighbors. Our home is an ecological wonderland with pristine beaches, living wetlands, and old-growth forests. It happens to be a culinary wonderland too – and the story of our food culture is as much about people as it is about flavor.

As a startup born and raised in the culture of Southern hospitality, people and place are central to our everything we do. As we look back at 2019, we’re proud to report that we gave back to our community and environment – and had an awesome time doing it! 

Here’s what we were up to this year while growing the best lettuce around: 

Love for the Planet 

By the Numbers:

~14,000 … pounds of organic material converted to compost and healthy soil

~18 … tons of waste kept out of landfills and recycled for a new life

1500 … pounds of litter cleaned up from our local beaches, wetlands, and forests 

Our unique approach to farming enables us to conserve resources and dramatically cut down on greenhouse gas emissions normally involved in producing and transporting produce. For instance, in 2019 we saved 64 million gallons of water compared to conventional farms! But we don’t just want to reduce our impact, we want to proactively work to improve the health of the environment. 

To do that, we called on our friends and worked with like-minded organizations in the Lowcountry. Which leads us to –

Love for our Neighbors 

By the Numbers:

~300 team-member volunteer hours out in the community 

~200 events and tours to educate, assist, and collaborate with local farmers and leaders

~194,069 … pounds of lettuce donated to feeding programs

Conservation is a community affair. As much as we want to (and we really want to), we can’t save the world on our own. But as a group of farmers that are deeply integrated with our community, we are leveraging the power of many to build a vibrant future for our neighbors and a bright future for the food system more broadly. 

Want to jump on the bandwagon? Here are just a few local organizations that we volunteered with this year––click through and sign up! 

Thanks for sharing our excitement for good food and big change! We’re thankful to be making your dishes more delicious and better for Mother Earth, to boot. 


Your Local Lettuce Farmers

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