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picture of a Vertical Roots green butter container farm with grow lights and large heads of lettuce

Vertical Roots & AmplifiedAg: Cultivating a Farming Revolution

“We want to revolutionize how communities grow and consume food.” —Andrew Hare, Vertical Roots co-founder

Till the soil, plant a seed, nurture it, see what grows. Farming is the original start-up—a monumental, paradigm-shifting innovation. Long before Silicon Valley, there was the Nile Valley, where our ancient ancestors began a dramatic shift from a nomadic hunter-gatherer economy to an agricultural one. Season by season since then, farmers have invested sweat equity in growing new foods, always tinkering with more efficient practices, more resilient business plans. It’s Entrepreneurship 101 at its best—where there’s no planting, there’s no harvest.

Vertical Roots, a Charleston-based agricultural start-up, is working to shift the paradigm yet again. “We want to revolutionize how communities grow and consume food,” says Andrew Hare, a founder along with his friend Matt Daniels.

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