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Cultivating Community

At Schools

Our dedication to community involvement starts with education. Not only are we serving Vertical Roots lettuce on campuses, but we’re providing opportunities for students to gain hands on experience. We’re proud to be involved in teaching and serving our youth with our partners in education.

On the Menu

We speak to both culinary creativity and eco-conscious sourcing. Our distinctly flavorful varietals lend themselves to versatile dishes and are delivered just one day after harvest, maximizing quality and eliminating the environmental impacts of cross-country distribution.

Through Donations

Each week, we deliver our produce to community partners free of charge to combat hunger and provide vitamin-rich produce to people in need. In addition, we partner with farmers to put damaged produce to use as sustainably sourced feed or compost material.

In-store Sampling & Events

We’re continually out and about in the community to raise awareness around our products, our growing methods, and our mission. You can catch us in your neighborhood grocery store or at the next big event around town. Follow us on social media to see where we’re off to next!

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