About Vertical Roots | The Largest Container Farm in the Southeast

We're Vertical Roots an Indoor Hydroponic Container Farm

Revolutionizing the way communities grow, distribute, and consume food

co-founder Andrew in a container farm

High School friends, Andrew Hare and Matt Daniels had a plan to bring healthy, safe, and local produce to their South Carolina communities. A plan, which started as scribbles on a napkin in 2015, grew into the largest hydroponic container farm in the U.S.

Vertical Roots produces leafy greens year round with produce available in countless restaurants, food service industries, schools & universities, and over 1,200 retail outlets throughout the U.S.

Vertical Roots is Owned and Operated By AmplifiedAg

AmplifiedAg engineers fully-automated vertical CEA container farms and has developed a proprietary farm technology platform for a comprehensive and cutting-edge indoor farm operation. Combined, the company provides a holistic solution to grow and distribute food anywhere in the world.


Providing Global Access To Safe Food

Our Values:

Empowerment, Precision, Consistency, Respect, and Integrity

Supporting our Southeast Farming Community

We’re focused on building the farming community. We grow leafy greens because South Carolina’s climate makes growing lettuce year round a challenge. We support our local farm family by trading services, volunteering, and making donations. Who knew local lettuce could do so much?

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