November 2019 : Vertical Roots

Rest Easy: Our Romaine Safety Statement

On Friday, November 22, 2019, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning to consumers and retailers in response to an outbreak of E. Coli linked to romaine lettuce produced in Salinas, California.

We launched Vertical Roots to make sure that our friends and neighbors always have access to produce they can count on: produce that is safe, fresh, nutritious and locally grown. 

Our unique indoor hydroponic farming methods – coupled with our adherence to the highest safety standards in the industry – provide robust protection against pathogens so you can enjoy safe, worry-free, fresh produce any time. 

Here is how we ensure the safety of our products:

  • All of our produce is certified SC-grown, thousands of miles away from the affected, West Coast lettuce. Every one of our farmers has received vigorous training in globally recognized food safety standards, and every one of our plants is expertly inspected at harvest to guarantee safety and quality. From start to finish, we raise our lettuce with care and precision to bring you peace of mind.
  • We grow our produce in a soil-free, closed-loop environment, which helps to protect our plants from harmful pathogens like E.Coli that are often found in soil and runoff from industrial animal farms. Our water is monitored closely and our plants are grown in a blend of natural coconut fiber that does not contain animal waste and the bacteria that comes with it. 

We exist to bring you safe, health-promoting produce straight from the Southeast. With our dedication to transparency and quality, you can rest easy knowing that all of our leafy greens, Romaine included, are a safe bet.